Raw Incense Sticks

Raw incense sticks are mainly used to purify the air and get rid of night insects. The sticks are made from natural ingredients, mainly wood chips soaked in fragrant oils. They are mixed with other natural ingredients like resin, ambergris, musk, sandalwood, and essential oils. They are long-lasting, have a lingering fragrance and are eco-friendly. We supply 8-inch and 9-inch incense sticks.

9 Inch

Particulars Black Sticks
Length 9 Inch
No. of sticks/kg 900 – 950
No. of kgs/Carton 30

8 Inch

Particulars Black Sticks
Length 8 Inch
No. of sticks/kg 1000 – 1050
No. of kgs/Carton 30
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